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tv   BOS Land Use Transportation Committee 10316  SFGTV  October 20, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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are we on to the next? >> the last thing so this seems like you are okay with that. the last thing is there are reasons to deny the grant if the property owner isn't compliant with the obligation but also if we should at any time find they fallify any information that is in the grant application let's say relationships and that type of thing, that would be a reason for disqualification and want to put it out there to see if we should state that the property owner is required to then refund the amount of grant they were oweed. ? you should change the word ask to required which is may be required to return the grant
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funds. if this is done fraujiantly then yes, of coursefelt if they dopet they will get sued by the city. >> the question i believe is, ret row active from day one. the first date of misrepresentation and fraud the city can require reimbursement of the grant. >> i think existing law allows for that. that is going after people guilty of prod. >> from day one, correct? >> that is the question. you can pro pouse from day one. >> fwraum the time you break the law you are libel to reemburse the city for fund they gave under false pretense. i don't think it should be asked. i think may be require today return the grant fund. >> maybe be. may be meaning only if the city attorney is
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successful prosecuting. you will be required to the extent-required is may be required if you are bank rupt we may choose not to prosecute. will be required. they still may not- >> we'll get our city attorney-- >> i think absolutely if they falsify their application and get a grant they shouldn't have gotten we will go after thaem from the the first dollar distributed. i think that is the spirit. >> that conclude the first round of input from the commission for us to continue. >> i have a comment. i
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contemplate the chart you organized in section e because it stand we still need clarification what is outlined in prop j as rent credit and this remind me of incentive and affordable housing bonus program so curious if this is something to bring back to the supervisor jz see if this helps clarify that piece in prop >> about how to distribute the rent credit. i'm will ing to look at it little further. >> we have received the input from the commissioners and we'll continue to move forward. i think that that-unless you-we need to do public comment but unless you have final questions for
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manu why while you have a chance mptd >> any further questions? any members of the public that would like to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. manusfz you are free to spend the day how you like. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for indigdering our questions. >> item 7, approval of meeting minutes. you have consideration september 12, 2016 and february 19, 20 sphene. 15. >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. that motion is approved 7-0. opposed? i didn't ask. we do need public comment. y any members of the public that would like to comment on the item
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before we revote? >> seeing none public comment is closed. can we have the vote again? can i center v the motion, please? >> i move. >> i second. >> all in favor? opposed? motion pass said 7-0. item 8, directors report. update on report on the office of small business >> i think the updates can update light. >> i am going to-i will provide a more detailed report next mondays meeting. nothing urgent to report. >> any members that would like to comment on that report? >> seeing none, public comment closed.
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>> item 9, commissioners report. allows president, vice president and commissioners to report on small business activities. >> i center have one items i attended the first meeting for small business planning for nerks nerks next year. >> i want to highlight sfmta and working with [inaudible] small business in the mission on a program to promote [inaudible] to shop in the mission regionally. i do want to highlight thought because there are par ll ishis this is a time they are doing something amazing and should recognize when thirngs work. >> fantastic. >> shop mission. >> any other commissioner reports? do we have members of the public that like to comment on the commissioners reports?
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seeing none- >> i said comment and was sulnt. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item 10, new business allows commissionerss to noort deuce new ajepda items for future consideration by the commission. >> commissioner adams, and this is something we brought up in the past and this is something after we get out of the heg legacy business done and going i like to talk about landlords who purposefully vacate buildings and want to bring up what is happening in the castro. we closed the patio down. he has a new business going in called ham burgy mary's approved a year ago and was suppose today be open and kept it vacant. he is now not negotiating in good faith with j jorge perez and giving 30
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day tooz get out of the spot. you have a successful business there for 20 year jz a lapd lord that will tell him to leave successful business, he is will toog pay the rent and you have a landlord who wants him out who will leave the space vacant as he has done all the other commercial space on 18th street and castro. i know that there are state laws, but there has got to be something on the local level we can do and kathleen you brought this up, there has got to be something on the local level to do something with these landlords who want to keep spaces vacant because they get a tax break on the property loss. i'm starting to figure this out more and more as i research it. >> this then is looking into
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the issue of pusistent vacancies? >> yes. thank you. >> okay. >> that's all. >> any other new business items? commissioner zouzounis did you have something? anybody else? okay, no more new business. any members of the public that like to comment on the new business? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> i would regarding that issue. there is legislation on the vacant space ordinance where they get penalties but don't believe it is from my experience my previous job-richard [inaudible] it doesn't seem to be working very well so maybe you can look into that a little more. >> great. we will put that on our new business agenda for staff to
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see if they can't come up with a presentation for us. okay. any other member that would like to comment on item number 10? seeing none public comment is closed. next item. >> item 11, adjournment. >> so move. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> opposed? >> gavel down. >> the meeting is adjourned at 252 p.m. >> 443, sorry. thank you. [meeting adjourned]
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>> good afternoon the meeting will come to order. this is the regularly scheduled meeting of the land use committee my name is supervisor cowen and to my right is supervisor wiener and commissioner peskin your scheshg is clerk victor young at this time, i'd like to take a moment and thank leo and justus from sfgovtv so for assisting us electronic devices. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. items acted upon today will appear on the september board of
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supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much call item one. >> item now and then ordinance amending the achievement planning code by rising the achievement scoping map to rezone olsen street as public and 50 x to usher and 85 x. >> supervisor campos is the achievement sponsor of this item will lead the achievement discussion from this moment forward just said to recognize we'll have presentations from geo0 of planning and ann of the mayor's office of housing supervisor any opening remarks. >> yes. madam chair and colleagues the achievement land use committee for hearing this item we are the very critical time here in the city and county of san francisco especially in neighborhoods like the achievement mission where we have the worse affordability crisis in our history the last
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number i saw as of february of this year, the afternoon rent for a two bedroom agreement was 4 thousand one and $26 very few people can afford to pay that amount we many my office have been working over the last 8 years to make sure we have development that is representative of the needs of our community that means especially right now to have development that is affordable i am proud that with respect to this property before this committee that my office working closely with the city with community folks to take the city owned parking lot at the corner of fulsome and 17th street and turn it into a parcel where half of the site will become one hundred 100 percent affordable housing and the achievement other half will be become a new park the first new park in san
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francisco in more than a decade the purpose of this legislation to cut red tape to make sure that more affordable units are built on this site particularly what you have to legislation that rezones the parcel from p to urban mixed use and increases the achievement height from 50 to 85 feet so as to maximize the achievement number of units i constructed on this site approving this rezoning district will piece of the achievement way for construction of within hundred 39 new affordable units in the mission one of several affordable housing projects in the pipeline i'm proud this number of one and 39 apartment for families in transitional youth in this neighborhood the ground floor at the 2060 fulsome will excluding include a
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purchase infant toddler care by the organizations and a retail use that is intended for a cafe the last 100 percent affordable housing site in the mission was completed in 2011 and again, we're sow excited excuse me - about this project i want to thank the achievement development team of the mission economic development and the achievement center for working on this project and also thank all the community-based organizations that will be bringing much needed programs to the spacing (calling names) jamestown and the goorn and as noted by the achievement chair we have a number of speakers here the first thing being gwen 0 from the achievement planning
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code. >> planning department staff the property ordinance to rise the zoning use and height and bulk district maps for fulsome from the achievement determination as public and it's height and bulk of 50 x to urban mixed use and height and bulk determination of '85 tedious e they do e beds that was introduced by supervisor campos so the tublt the subject property and owned by the cities and counties of san francisco currently the project site is developed with a surface parking lot with the achievement vehicle parking spaces this rezoning and height recomplication or clarification to allow for the construction of 9 story 85 foot three-legged stool one and 65
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square feet mixed use building on july 28th the planning commission heard the legislative amendment for the achievement reclassification after public comment that was overwhelmingly supportive the achievement commission voted 5 to zero for recommending the achievement board of supervisors adapt this proposed ordinance that is before you. >> some of the basis for the recommendation of approval the fact this zoning and height will allow construction of 100 percent in the mission district that was experiencing the issues of gentrification and displacement the rezoning with the enhancing of the city's supply of affordable housing in the mission district neighborhood and additionally the achievement mixed use rezone is appropriate for the achievement site it is consistent with the achievement
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zoning district found in the immediate neighborhood thank you, supervisors that concludes my presentation. >> thank you, colleagues unless any questions i'd like to call upon shannon the achievement chinatown development center which is one of the two affordable housing developers that have been working on this project. >> good afternoon chair cohen and supervisors pleased to be before you today to present this major affordable housing project chinatown cdc was niefld to be co-dispensaries we have submitted entitlement application for one and 39 that may be fewer but we're having all units affordable to household with 60 of medium area income and most been 2 and three
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bedrooms and about 20 percent of the apartment will be preserved for transition youth existing foster care or homelessness including some that will be reserved for parents the achievement height and bulk is essential for the achievement special site next to a park i wanted to show an image or two of the project our architect team of solomon along with mission district have really developed a great project design and we are very happy to say with 3 community meetings and extensive community outreach we have not had opposition but great feedback from neighbors
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and continue to tax the achievement comments take into consideration from the achievement neighbors and public i'll be available to answer any questions about the achievement project thank you. >> thank you, ms. dodge next it ann ramos of the mayor's office of housing. >> good afternoon chair cohen and members of the board i'm ann project sponsor at the mayor's office of housing i like to indicate our departments strong support on 20 fulsome street as you've heard cdc have owned the achievement city with rec and park that purposed the parcel to develop the achievement park and meta was select to develop the site in 2015 in response for the achievement high quality project for 20 percent of units targeted to homeless with transitional
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youth the lp has an option to enter into a long term lease we firmly believe that is ideal for families housing and have a preamount loan in my mind of $2 million and in the range of $21 million so thank you for your consideration. >> thank you, again thank you to the mayor's office of housing for all the achievement work that has gone into this project colleagues unless you have any questions i would a number of speakers i'll call their names (calling names). >> please come on up.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> state your name >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. my name is marie. >> speak into the mike for translating. >> good afternoon. my name is marie i'm here on behalf of the delores services and all the achievement families that live in the sros in the mission district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it really hurts to see the families housing built with money for money and not enough
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for families living with low income. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i ask that you, please take into consideration all the families families under those conditions and create housing available for them attorney-client. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> >> next speaker. >> good afternoon madam chair and mrbz i'm a senior project manager with the families agree working with chinatown corporation to bring this project to fruition here to express our support for the item on the agenda and to reiterate
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just the families urgency and the families need in the community as you've heard from our partners as well as the community members this is a project that if we built it today would be filled immediately as you may know that the families need more affordable housing at every level the families income spectrum is incredibly, incredibly urgent throughout the city as well and so we look forward to bringing this project to fruition with cdc and the partners with the mayor's office of housing if you have any questions i'm available to answer them as well thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon chair cohen an immigrant from mexico when i
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recently moved to the states my neighborhood and first home in the mission district i live in two buildings for 5 years and because there was high rent and also, because of need of the space with my brother and sister they got married we moved into the excelsior we lived for 12 years and on the downturn of the economy our landlady lost her home our home we cannot afford anything on the mission we were looking at for - some landlords would not take children it was difficult we had to split up some of the rooms were 8 hundred and only allowed two people to live in the room lucky we found
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a home for 4 rooms 3 bathrooms that is my neighborhood and home for the families past 3 years and the story of my family or large family is one of hundreds in san francisco especially in the mission where we feel more comfortable to shop i'm sorry to shop and look for resources in the mission that's why i urge you to approve this building and more so families can stay and live in san francisco thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. >> i always go to the planning commission but the residents i work for the families mission in the office of economic workforce development and have been part of this project community
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planning in 2006, we were part of the neighborhood plan that side is this parking lot was puc land and we identity that has a neighborhood as affordable housing we have been fighting this is the response to organizing we have 8 hundred unity of affordable housing in the mission right now this has been a lot of progress to get this in the mission and i'm encouraged and urge you supervisors to approve that project and more coming in the pipeline yeah. this is - this is big and we have seen all the families families in the studios and they're not allowed to live this is the only resource that latinos can live in the mission we need more after i hope we will be able to achieve the families goal of 24 hundred new unit in the mission to apply the
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demand of affordable housing those corners were severing in the mission in the school district more families can under they earn under 50 or $60,000 we don't need nor condo and people coming with high incomes in our neighborhood because of the education thank you. >> thank you. this point any public comment? who has not spoken that would like to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. and madam chair that includes the public comment and the presentation one last point i want to thank sheila in the chambers of my office we've been working on this for many, many years and its been a long time coming this is exciting thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. a motion for this
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item? >> so moved. >> >> motion made by supervisor peskin and without objection that passes unanimously thank you supervisor campos. >> thank you to the community for come on and congratulations. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk anything else. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, the meeting is adjourned to the
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flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> this is a reminder that under administrative code section 67 a 1, the ringing and use of cell phones rkss pagers and sound producing similar electronic device is prohibited. set to vibrate or silent or turn the divide off now. fire commission regular meeting wednesday october 12, twonet 2016 and the time is 901. roll


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